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It is creating a whirlwind in the nursing care industry that is turning what was previously unconventional into common sense!!


Lectures and seminars by Kazunori Manabe

★ The ultimate seminar to prevent caregivers from quitting their jobs, taught by caregiving professionals!!

We are currently holding seminars on creating measures to prevent people from leaving their jobs to care for their loved ones, team building, leadership training, coaching, stress management, and more!

Communication professionals teach you how to increase employee motivation,

Tips for honing your listening and communication skills to prevent employees from quitting !

                You can improve your own abilities based on the book "Communication Techniques"!

Lecture Record

Wakayama Prefecture Association, Yamashiro Elderly Health, Hyogo Prefecture Care Manager Association Akashi Branch, Hyogo Prefecture Care Manager Association Takarazuka Branch, Kyoto Prefecture Social Welfare Council, Ishikawa Prefecture Care Manager Association, Hita City Care Manager Council, Tokushima Chief Care Manager, Himeji City Medical Care Support Center, Aomori Elderly Welfare Association, and many others.

From 2020, we will also be holding online and remote lectures from home.


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