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For welfare business operators and other managers across the country!
We propose a revolutionary method to resolve employee turnover and labor shortages!!

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Proposals for specific issues
By making proposals for specific issues,
・Changing staff awareness
・Improve problem-solving skills
Improved teamwork


Mental Development Consultation
We offer programs to strengthen your mental state when situations cannot be overcome through judgment alone.
・Develop crisis avoidance skills .
Human resource development consultation
We offer programs to develop employees who can act independently.
・Raise employees to be goal-conscious
 ・To develop staff who are trusted by those around them
Consultations for nursing care facilities
We can make suggestions that make use of our experience in facility management.
・Consultation with professionals
・Consultations regarding facility management
Organizational skills development consultation
We offer skills that will enable you to function within an organisation.
- Develop your ability to make decisions now .
- Cultivate team behavior
Develop communication skills.
Training and seminar consultation
Coaching is also provided.
Currently, I give more than 300 lectures a year.
Seminars can be held.
・All items are original,
What manuals will be important to your company in the future?
It will be Al.

Business Contents



Your motivation to pursue nursing!

The opportunity to start a company!

Future direction and dreams

The book has been published!!

My book has been published. I write about the most important thing for a person: communication.

This is a book that will help you understand how to communicate effectively! Please purchase it if you are interested. We look forward to your continued support.

Communication Technology
Tips for improving your listening and communication skills!


This is a book for care managers.

All interpersonal support workers, including those in the medical and welfare fields

It can also be applied to practice!

Also, new employees and managers in general companies

This is also a recommended book for those who:


 Representative Director: Kazunori Manabe

It is sold on Amazon for 2,160 yen.


From my own experience over the past 30 years, in order for the nursing care and welfare industry to be attractive, it is necessary to achieve a high standard of care and a high standard of compensation.

A high standard of care means providing a standard of physical, mental and social "improvement of condition".


For example, if you see a child wearing a diaper, you should explore why he or she is wearing one and then remove the diaper so that he or she can relieve themselves in the toilet by themselves.


If the patient has dementia and is experiencing nocturnal delirium, the goal is to eliminate that state, and if the patient has become withdrawn, the goal is to help them resume interactions with society and others.


High levels of compensation are the result of achieving improvements in conditions, but the framework of the social security system does not mean that nursing care compensation will immediately increase.


Therefore, Fukunaka Japan has begun business outside of nursing care insurance, hoping to create a system in which wealthy individuals can receive payment and then give those resources back to nursing care and welfare.

We aim to create an attractive industry through win-win relationships.

Representative Director : Kazunori Manabe

/Nursing care support specialist (chief care support specialist) Social welfare administrator/Professional coach certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Foundation) Lifelong Learning Development Foundation

・International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach

○Public office 

・Kyoto City Regional Comprehensive Support Center/Home Care Support Center Liaison Council Advisor

・Kyoto City Nursing Care Certification Examination Committee ・Council Chairman
・Japan Coach Association Kyoto Chapter Core Member
・Coach A Co., Ltd. Coachakademia Class
Coach ・NPO Health Coach Japan Practical Advisor
・Manabe Welfare Research Institute Director

〇Affiliated academic societies
: Japan Society of Social Welfare ・Japan Society for Gerontology and Social Sciences ・Japan Society for Care Management ・Japan Society for Independence and Care Care
・Japan Medical and Social Welfare Association ・Japan Coach Association

○Published books (part books)

・“ Monthly Care Manager” serialized from 2021 to 2024

Kazunori Manabe “Communication skills: Tips for improving listening and communicating skills” (single author) Chuohoki 2018

・Nisshoken “Master Care Manager” Serialized from October and November 2016 issues “Guidance method for developing independent care managers”
・Nissho Institute “Master Care Manager” membership bimonthly magazine June/July 2015 issue June 2016・Until July issue

 “ Care management using coaching skills” series

・Edited by the Kyoto Prefecture Nursing Care Support Specialist Foundation “Chief Nursing Care Support Specialist Handbook Training and Practical Tools for Stepping Up”

 (Co-author) Chuo Hoki 2012

・Tomoko Morimoto and Masaaki Hoshino (eds.) “Introduction to Nursing Care Training (Care Worker Training Series 5)” (co-author) Reimei Shobo 2012

・Asano Seminar Welfare Study Group “Opening up the future of welfare practice – Proposals from the field of practice” (co-authored) Chuo Hoki 2008
Ritsuko Watanabe “Case study session for awareness to learn from the basics – Even without a supervisor "Practical skills can be improved" (co-author), Chuo Hoki, 2007
, chief editor, Toyomitsu Komuro, "Dictionary of Geriatric Facility Terminology" (co-author), Chuo Hoki, 2007
, edited by Nursing Care Staff Basic Training Text Editorial Committee, "Nursing Care Staff" Basic Training Text Volume 10 “Ethics and Duties of Nursing Care Workers” (co-author) 

 National Council of Social Welfare 2007,
edited by Miharu Narukiyoshi and Kayoko Minemoto, “Basic Series Social Welfare 4 New Edition Elderly Welfare” (co-author) Gakubunsha 2006
, Japan Society of Social Welfare Practice Theory (ed.) Co-author of the New Edition Social Welfare Practical Basic Terminology Dictionary Kawashima Shoten 2004
Yuji Ogasawara, Yasuko Hashimoto, Hitoshi Asano ed. Elderly Welfare (co-author) Yuhikaku 2002 Masakazu Shirasawa
ed. Care Plan Creation Course” (co-authored), Silver Shinposha / Kankyo Shimbunsha 2001
Masakazu Shirasawa, Eisuke Okunishi, Masaki Fukutomi (eds.) “Care Management Case Studies by Nursing Care Support Specialists” (co-authored) Chuohoki 20 01 year


Currently writing.​

​○ Rewards and Punishments
1996 TOY​P (Human Power) Grand Prize Winner (Japan Junior Chamber Foundation)

Interview with the CEO

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Representative Introduction

Representative Director: Kazunori Manabe

While attending university, she experienced caring for her father and became interested in nursing care and welfare work. She took a social worker seminar and also did an internship at a hospital. After graduating, she was employed at a medical institution. While working in the field as a medical social worker, she felt the high demand for elderly welfare and realized the need to train the next generation. While gaining experience as a facility director at various welfare facilities, she also worked to acquire communication skills for training. As a social worker, she is working to raise the level of dementia care in the local community.

How to improve nursing care worker turnover rate!!

We will suggest it!!

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Improve the human skills of your employees !

We will suggest it!!

Case studies and track record

  Training/seminars over the past three years

・Coaching to improve decision-making ability ・Coach-type management ・Self-coaching ・Learn how to support supporters by utilizing coaching skills

・Starting a business as a professional coach ・Using coaching in interviews ・Accountability ・Goal setting and vision making

・Diversity & Inclusion ・Finding strengths ・Work to improve assessment skills ・What is dementia care?

・Talking about experiences ・Supervision project for chief care managers ・Development of supervision skills for chief care support specialists ~ Beginner and intermediate level

・Learning the ethics of nursing care support specialists from the beginning ・Useful supervision in practice ・Training for training instructors ・Reflection training for awareness case review meetings 

・Case studies and case teaching methods ・Human resource development through supervision ・Communication required of interpersonal assistants and managers

・About the long-term care insurance system ・Coordination skills of facility care managers ・Day service step-up training ・Communication skills necessary for helpers

・Key points of preventive care management ・End-of-life care ・Learn how to give effective feedback 

・Communication that makes the other person aware

・Aim! Professional interpersonal support staff ・Awareness and advice in care situations ・Mutual understanding and multidisciplinary collaboration ・Aiming for further understanding of users 

・Practice of independence-supporting care management ・Professional support relationships and professional ethics ・Health, medical and welfare systems and collaboration ・Nonverbal communication

・What is the social security system? ・Negotiation power ・How to make full use of the service                                                                

・Structural family therapy ・Skills for changing care management processes and perspectives ・Mental health management

・Know yourself, know the other person ・Self-control of emotions ・Ability to understand communication types ・Problem-solving thinking method

・Instilling the vision in the organization ・Assertiveness ・Creating a business plan ・Team building ・Meeting management

・Creating a system for human resources development ・Communication that moves people and organizations ・What is coaching that revitalizes an organization? ・What is environmental improvement?

・Educational functional teaching techniques ・What is the role of managers? ・The ability to organize the work environment ・Creating an attractive workplace where you can enjoy working

・Communication required of new employees ・Towards the promotion of comprehensive community care ・Welfare for the elderly in the community

・What is the chief nursing care support specialist that the country is looking for? ・Securing, developing, and retaining welfare and nursing care personnel ・Toward revision of nursing care fees in FY2015

・What is nursing care expertise? ・External evaluation ・To raise the limits of home life ・Small-scale multifunctional training ・World cafe

・Increase local power ・Abuse prevention management ・Nursing care accident prevention ・Community care conference ・Are you satisfied with your current job?

・Living together as we age ・Communication skills: Tips for improving your listening and communicating skills

​ *As of August 5, 2018


Advisors and employee introductions

Kazunori Manabe
President and Representative Director
General Advisor
Yuki Yamada

Coach Advisor
Each department
Job information here
Care Manager Minami
Chief Care Manager Kurasaki
Care Manager
Job information here
Care Manager Ueda
Day Service Nurse Nagai
Day service administrator
Day service counselor
Assistant Watanabe
Day service
Job information here
Assistant Akizuki
Home care
Job information here
Visiting care manager

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Address: 3-6 Shinomiya Yamada-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 607-8026

Email address:

Phone number: 075-584-2977

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Address: 3-6 Shinomiya Yamada-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 607-8026

Email address :

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