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Lectures and seminars by Kazunori Manabe


It is creating a whirlwind in the nursing care industry that is turning what was previously unconventional into common sense!!


★ The ultimate seminar to prevent caregivers from quitting their jobs, taught by caregiving professionals!!
Measures to prevent caregivers from quitting their jobs, team building, leadership training, coaching,
We are currently holding seminars on stress management etc.

Communication professionals teach you how to increase employee motivation,
Tips for honing your listening and communication skills to prevent employees from quitting!
  You can improve your own abilities based on the book "Communication Techniques"!

Through humorous personal stories and concrete practice, we will deliver ways of thinking and methods that will produce results!

★A communication professional will teach you the " tips to improve your listening and communication skills" to increase employee motivation and prevent them from quitting!

This is a scene from a seminar based on his book "Communication Techniques."


・Profile of lecturer "Kazunori Manabe"

Based on over 30 years of experience in the medical and welfare fields,

A charismatic supervisor who travels all over the country!

・Latest seminar proposal: "The role of companies in preventing employees from leaving their jobs to care for elderly relatives and prevention know-how"

・Popular seminar proposal: "Communication skills: Tips for improving your listening and communication skills"

What consultants don't teach 2.png
・Can introduce a wealth of proven case studies that he/she has worked on.
- You will be taught how to utilize nursing care support that puts people first, regardless of trends.
・Lectures are not one-way, but rather a two-way way to improve your skills and gain know-how that you can use for the rest of your life.
It is.
・Since there is a lot of know-how that can be used at the business from the day after the seminar, the business itself has benefited greatly.
There are many benefits.
・The skills of all who listened to the lecture were improved and can be used anywhere outside the workplace.
This increases your own motivation.
-The lecture content is applicable not only to nursing care facilities but also to general companies , so you can take the information back to your company and make new discoveries.
- Cultivate individual thinking through seminars that get results, not trends.

We will investigate the applicability of government subsidies for each business training etc.

Transportation costs are extra.

We also support overseas (Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United States)

If you are an organizer who would like to hold a lecture or seminar,
Please contact us here.


We will be holding a trial seminar this time! If you would like to participate,
First, please contact us here.

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