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Home Visit Care
Part-time/temporary job recruitment

This is a workplace where you can work with peace of mind even if you have children.


Job type

  ・Home-visit nursing care service at your own expense

  ・Cafe sales staff (concurrent job preferred)



  ・You can eat rice cooked in the oven at a company discount.

  ・As it is close to Lake Biwa Canal, you can see the scenery of each season.

        (You can change your mood)

  ・There is an affiliated kindergarten about 3 minutes walk from the facility.

         You can store it cheaply.

  ・The on-site staff will give you detailed instructions.

  ・This is a future business, so you can develop it with your own ideas.

  ・It is not a closed facility.

  ・There is almost no overtime and you can finish your work on time.

  ・There is training and the instructor is the representative, so it is a facility to improve skills.

         It's easy to do.

  ・Even beginners will be thoroughly taught about home-visit nursing care, etc., so they can improve their skills.

         It also becomes

  ・The representative has long experience as the director of a nursing care facility, so you can ask him anything.

I feel safe          because I can overcome this .


  ・Difficult to come by car (possible by bike)

  ・There is no convenience store nearby

  ・It doesn't seem like a nursing home, it looks like a hall.

Salary system

  ・Persons with welfare qualifications 

         (Care worker, nursery teacher, cook, registered dietitian)

   Hourly wage: 1,100 yen ~ Details will be provided after contacting you.

  ・Persons with medical qualifications (nurse, physical therapist)

   Hourly wage: 1,500 yen ~ Details will be provided after contacting you.

  ・People without qualifications

   Hourly wage: 1,010 yen ~ Details will be provided after contacting you.


Qualification requirements

  ・Motorcycle license required (motorized bicycle or higher license)


Human resources required

  ・Visiting care staff 

     Preference will be given to those with experience.It is okay even if you are not confident (we will train you).

  ・People who want to improve their skills such as visiting nursing care

  ・People who like talking to people


Working hours etc.

  ・About 3 days from Monday to Friday (or more is possible)

  ・Visiting care staff & cafe staff 8:30-17:30 (during working hours)

  ・We are happy to discuss time.

Work location

  ・3-6 Shinomiya Yamada-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City 

         Inside Fukunaka Japan Co., Ltd.

    Visiting Nursing Care Support Center & Cafe Nakamarun 


Treatment (welfare)

  ・Benefits: Meal allowance, commuting allowance, safe driving allowance, etc.

  ・Transportation expenses provided (with upper limit)

  ・Able to participate in training


  ・Provide basic education so that even beginners in visiting care can do so.

         Let's eat.

  ・There are some parts that cannot be posted, so

   Please contact us for more information

Contact Us

If you have any other questions, please contact us here. If you do not receive a reply within a week, please call us at 075-584-5252.

有難うございます! 後ほどご連絡させて頂きます。

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